FNC Plantations - Australian Macadamia Orchards

FNC Plantations is a family owned Macadamia farming company that commenced operations in Northern NSW in 2006. We have since expanded our operations to include 3 orchards in Northern NSW, one in Gympie QLD and 4 in Bundaberg QLD. Operations are overseen by father and son team David and Matthew Knappick and our team of 14 permanent staff members are under the control of Manager Jeff Daley.

Production has steadily increased year on year to a record output in 2016 of some 1,500 tonnes of NIS. We see bright prospects for the Australian Macadamia industry and hope to continue to expand and evolve our operation to continue to be a key player in the industry.



FNC Plantations - Kennedys Lane Macadamia Orchard

Clan Macadam

FNC Plantations - Clan Macadam Macadamia Orchards


FNC Plantations - Red Lane


FNC Plantations - Alloway Macadamia Orchard

Welcome Creek

FNC Plantations - Welcome Creek Macadamia Orchard

Pine Creek

FNC Plantations - Pine Creek Macadamia Orchards


FNC Plantations - Meadowvale Macadamia Orchard

Wilsons Pocket

FNC Plantations - Wilsons Pocket Macadamia Orchard